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Recipe: maple sugar smoked fish

Maple Sugar Smoked Fish
To smoke fish, Native Americans constructed a tepee made of crossed sticks covered with birch bark. Fish were hung, head down, from the top of the tepee over a smoky wood fire built in a bucket or kettle below. Fish came from AO Seafood. Canvas can be substituted for the birch bark.

4 small brook trout or chubs,
about 1/2 pound each
1/2 cup kosher or sea salt
1 cup maple sugar or brown sugar
1 teaspoon coarsely-ground black pepper
1/2 teaspoon crushed bay leaf
2 to 3 cups maple, pecan

r hickory wood chips

Clean fish and rinse well under cold water; mix salt, maple sugar, pepper and bay leaf. Pat fish dry and rub inside and out with seasoning mixture. Place fish in a cool, dry place for about 1 hour.

Rinse fish and hang from the gills in a cool, dry, breezy place to air-dry for about 30 minutes. Place wood chips in water to soak. Or you can buy your fish online at

If you do not have a smoker or wish to build the traditional Indian one, build a charcoal fire in a large covered grill with all vents open. While the fire is burning down, loop a piece of kitchen string under the gills of each trout. Bring ends of string through the vent holes of the grill cover and tie together so that fish are suspended from lid and their tails remain at least 6 inches above coals. When coals have burned down and are covered with white ash, sprinkle a third of the damp wood chips over the fire and place lid on grill. Smoke trout for about 1 hour, adding more damp wood chips every 15 to 20 minutes to keep up smoke. Remove fish and serve hot or at room temperature. If refrigerated, the smoked fish will last about one week.

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Visiting Liverpool

Liverpool City guide, including Liverpool Hotels

Liverpool is, of course, most famous for being the city that spawned The Beatles. But there is much more to this fascinating city’s past than just the Fab Four. Recent years have seen extensive re-development in the city and Liverpool is once again on the up swing in terms of popularity. The docks have been rejuvenated, there is a thriving cultural scene and the city is today renowned all over the UK for its nightlife. Once again on the up, Liverpool is well worth a visit for any visitor.

Places of interest:

WORLD MUSEUM LIVERPOOL continues to be a favourite with locals and visitors alike. From the creepy Bug House and brand-new Aquarium to The Natural History Centre and Treasure House Theatre, families will find enough to keep them coming back for years.

WALKER ART GALLERY is known as the National Gallery of the North. It houses an internationally important collection of art from the 14th to the 20th century. The collection is especially rich in European Old Masters, Victorian and Pre-Raphaelite pictures and modern British works.

MUSEUM OF LIVERPOOL LIFE Celebrate the unique character of this vibrant city and its contribution to national life in three fascinating galleries – City Lives, The River Room, and City Soldiers. Other galleries include Mersey Culture – from Brookside to the Grand National – Making a Living and Demanding a Voice.

TATE LIVERPOOL is housed in a beautiful converted warehouse; Tate Liverpool is one of the largest galleries of modern and contemporary art outside London. Home to the National Collection of Modern Art in the North with exhibitions from 1900 to the present day, the Tate holds regular introductory tours, exhibition talks and lectures as well as free family events every Sunday.

MERSEYSIDE MARITIME MUSEUM This award-winning attraction tells the story of Liverpool’s seafaring heritage and the Merchant Navy, from its role in the transatlantic slave trade to obtaining one of the finest collections of shipping records in the UK

THE BEATLES STORY is where you can experience the greatest pop story the world has ever known; in the city where it all began. This multi-award winning attraction tells the personal tales of Liverpool’s favourite sons, including a full-size replica of the Cavern Club, Abbey Road studios, a walk-through the Yellow Submarine and The White Room. New sections include ‘Paul McCartney: The Solo Years’ and the ‘Living History’ Audio Tour featuring the voices of the Fab Four’s most influential figures.

GP Doctors May not be the most interesting place but you may need a a doctor so keep in mind the Liverpool GP when visiting.

Things to do:

Guided tours

re a great way to see the city. Taking you to places and visiting attractions, which you might otherwise miss. From the Beatles to Cathedrals, Sports tours and murder mysteries, Liverpool is awash with outstanding tours each guaranteed to make your visit truly memorable. If you want to get the family out and about, and get a dose of history and wildlife at the same time, take a trip along the Leeds and Liverpool Canal. You can travel along the canal by boat or cycle or walk the canal path. Croxteth Hall Country Park is an excellent choice for parents who want to give the kids a run around away from the city centre. Or visit Chester Zoo and see lions, tigers and giraffes.

CROXTETH HALL& COUNTRY PARK is one of the major heritage centres of the North West. Visit The Historic Hall, Croxteth Home Farm (great for kids) and the Victorian Walled Garden. Entrance to the park is free.

CHESTER ZOO offers a fun and stimulating days out for everyone, no matter what age or ability. As well as 500 different species of animals and award-winning gardens, it offers first class facilities that ensure your days out really are as enjoyable as possible.

CAVERN CITY TOURS can organise day trips and weekend packages to suit every Beatle fan. You can even take a trip on the real Magical Mystery Tour. They also present the International Beatle Week Festival in August.

AINTREE RACECOURSE is the beloved home of the Grand National. Aintree Racecourse hosts a range of professional and amateur events throughout the year.

Food & Drink:

Liverpool’s restaurant scene has blossomed over the past decade with new eateries seemingly popping up overnight. The city’s ethnic diversity has led to a wide range of dining choices when it comes to style. Being home to the oldest Chinese community in Europe has meant a plethora of Chinese restaurants, a significant proportion of which lie in the city’s Chinatown. However, one of the most impressive actually looks out over the River Mersey from a marvellous vantage point on Columbus Quay.

Blundell Street Restaurant (near Kings Dock) offers a modern take on the classic Sinatra-era cabaret lounges. International cuisine mixes with the best crooners in town to complete a very lively night out, so if you remember the glory days of the Rat Pack or simply want your meal to go with a swing then this is the place to go.

Sapporo Teppanyaki Restaurant is where the preparation of food is pure entertainment. Expert chefs flaunt their outstanding skills and creative flair to ensure that every meal is unique.

60 Hope Street has been voted Best Merseyside Restaurant of the Year four times. This haven for European cuisine offers modern dining at a very reasonable price, though you are advised to book early.

Colin’s Bridewell restaurant is set in an Old Police Station, Colin’s upstairs dining room is light and airy whilst downstairs, and five original cells offer the ideal venue for a private party.

Liverpool Hotels & Accommodation:

Liverpool’s extensive range of hotels, bed and breakfasts, guesthouses, and self-catering accommodation offer a wide range of style and price. Accommodation ranges from luxury hotels to medium-priced hotels, family-run bed & breakfasts and self-catering apartments in the city centre.

Park Lodge
The Suites Hotel
Aachen Hotel
Campanile Hotel Liverpool
The Feathers Hotel
Regent Maritime Hotel
Thistle Liverpool
Days Serviced Apartments Liverpool
The Dolby Hotel
Liverpool City Centre Premier Travel Inn
Radisson SAS Liverpool
Hope Street Hotel
Hanover Hotel
The Sir Thomas Hotel
ThrostlesNest Hotel


In a city with such a wealth of musical achievement, you would expect a dazzling, diverse and vibrant nightlife. And that’s exactly what Liverpool offers. Performing arts in Liverpool have a renowned reputation and famous city theatres have hosted performances by writers, directors, actors and actresses who have gone on to become world-famous names in the world of theatre, film and television.

FACT (a centre for Film, Art and Creative Technology) is located in the centre of one of the city’s growing nightlife scene. The specially and strikingly designed building houses cinemas, studios and other venues giving Liverpool another state-of-the-art performing arts venue and creative centre.

ALBERT DOCK WATERFRONT complex contains bars, restaurants and club venues including an award-winning comedy club and other venues popular with soccer stars, local television personalities and other celebrities.
LIVERPOOLEMPIRE THEATRE is the largest two-tier theatre in the UK and still leads the way, with one sell-out performance after another.

LIVERPOOL PHILHARMONIC HALL is the home to the Royal Liverpool Philharmonic Orchestra and a broad spectrum of rock, jazz, world, contemporary music and comedy. Watch classic films on its unique Walturdaw rising cinema screen.

Liverpool is full of tradition. Music, Maritime and Sporting history dominates this city. Add this to the cultural history on show and the regeneration that has made it the European City of Culture for 2008 this is a city that cannot be missed. If you do visit don’t forget that you can always get a doctor whilst here at a Liverpool doctor.

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Visit Spain

Places to Visit in Spain

A terrain of exceptional geographical and cultural diversity, Spain is one of the biggest countries in Europe that features amazing vast sceneries of plains, rock bays, rivers, valleys, mountains, and long sandy beaches, beautifully combined with bustling cities of narrow streets that unexpectedly open to sights of bold contemporary architecture, and bars and discos that rub shoulders with churches and mosques. Spain is definitely a place for a unique vacation experience.

Spain is loved by travel bloggers such as

The variety of places to visit in Spain provides for an opportunity to savor the Spanish way of life and encounter the true meaning of culture whilst taking pleasure in its benign climate and its regional assortment of food and drink.

One of the most interesting places to visit in Spain is none other than its capital, Madrid. A cosmopolitan city and the core of finance,

conomics, and government in Spain, combined with contemporary infrastructure amid significant cultural and artistic legacy of interesting centuries’ history, is absolutely a place worth visiting.

Bilbao has a cultural calendar that is quiet difficult to refuse, home to two of Spain’s most excellent art galleries, numerous modern art displays, six themed museums, and constant runs of recitals and shows, Bilbao is one of the places to visit in Spain that’s a “must see”, and an outstanding traveler destination.

One of the famous places to visit in Spain is Barcelona. An international Mediterranean city that adds in its Roman remnants city street pattern, medieval areas, and the most stunning novelty and twentieth century ultramodern art, Barcelona is more than an emblematic place that does not forget its roots and legacy, and certainly a place worth visiting. A city that is loved by

Blending harmoniously the remnants of distant periods with avant-garde structures of the new millennium, Valencia is one of the most dramatic places to visit in Spain. Its location has made it a Spanish doorway to the Mediterranean, faceting the charisma of a seaport city mixed with remarkable beaches and sandbanks, the place is undeniably one of the best places to visit in Spain.

Nestled on the foot of the Sierra Nevada, Granada is one of the beautiful places to visit in Spain. It has also been recognized as a World Heritage Site, featuring an imposing Andalusian heritage that comes together with architectural treasures from the Renaissance and 21st century up to date facilities.

Other fascinating places to visit in Spain include Santiago de Compostela, Salamanca, Zaragoza, Cordoba, and Sevilla, which also puts forward the unsurpassed Spanish contagious way of living.

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Make your home a haven

Rock The Night Away In Your Rocking Chair Cushions

A good rocking chair cushion can add a load of extra comfort to your favorite rocking chair. The gentle rocking motion meant to calm the restless mind and body is enhanced by a cushion which will take some of the hardness of the wood away. You can purchase cushions which are simple tie back chair pads, since they will tie onto the back support bars of the rocking chair, or you can experiment with some of the cushions which are made specifically for them.

The beauty of buying one of the specially made rocking chair cushions is that they often come with a back, too. Instead of just having a nice rest on the lower half of the body, the torso and back can relax as well. Pick one out that is as fancy, frilly or plain as you like. A flower-patterned fabric trimmed with graceful ruffles can enhance the natural curvature of your rocking chair. An nice velvet cushion. Or, get a plain or neutral shade so anyone feels invite

to have a nice rock. There are many available patterns, colors and themes for any room.

If you find that you enjoy your specially crafted rocking chair cushion, then you might want to consider buying several more in different colors. This will let you change them out with different moods, holidays and seasons. Make sure that you can wash the whole thing, too. Being able to get the cushion clean and fresh will only add to your enjoyment.

There are also rocking chair cushions that come with durable and washable removable covers. This will keep you from having to store several cushions and from wondering if you might warp your cushion in the washing machine. Removable rocking chair cushion covers should come with an easy access zipper for convenient removal.

There are other features to look for in your rocking chair cushions, as well. Be sure to check what kind of padding they use on the inside. Look for resilient latex foam or plush latex foam cushion fillings which are as thick as you need them to be. Some of the velvet cushion covers will include a fabric wrap-over for the tops and sides of your rocking chair. This is a nice feature for creating a very cozy and homey feel. Tufted cotton gives cushions a breathable, patterned texture. Some thicker cushions will be made with a springy latex foam and come in a durable, but soft corduroy cover. Also, consider velvet rocking chair cushions for a touch of lavishness. These will also work wonderfully if one is trying to fit a rocking chair into a more formal living area.

The only thing to look out for besides the quality of the cushion and fabric cover is whether you are ordering the right size. Some cushions are specially designed for larger styles of rocking chairs. Once you know that you have picked out the right size and thickness of a cushion, you can do the fun part of picking out which pattern, color or theme you want for your room or patio.

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Should we interfere

ACNE – Basic Understanding

Acne is the bane of existence for nearly 17 million people who suffer from some form of acne.
Acne is not only embarrassing but also causes psychosocial effects such as: anxiety, depression, inferiority, insecurity, frustration and self-consciousness.

Acne can be in the form of blackheads, whiteheads, pimples or cysts. Can be on the face, neck, shoulders, upper back or chest.

The different definitions of acne are:
Acne blemish: A flaw in the skin
Acne pimple: A small, prominent, inflamed elevation of the skin
Blackhead: A condition of the skin characterized by a black tip.
Whitehead: A condition of the skin characterized by a small, firm, whitish elevation of the skin
Cysts: When the clogged pore is swollen, infected and forms a bump it’s called a “cyst”

Those most susceptible are teenagers and adolescents but it also affects many adults. Although the exact cause of acne is still unknown… there are certain triggers that might possibly contribute to it such as bacteria, blocked pores, hormonal changes, excess oil and also genetics may play a large part in it.
One thing you can be sure of…contrary to popular belief, poor hygiene and food such as chocolate does not cause acne.

Severe cases of acne may cause pitted skin and scarring. If you have deep acne scars you may want to go for dermabrasion or dermaplaning treatment to give your skin a smoother appearance. These can be used on small areas of the face.

There are a wide variety of products available for acne treatment anywhere from the mildest lotions to the severest prescriptive forms of treatment. A study comparing popular acne remedies recently discovered relatively inexpensive lotions are as effective as powerful prescription antibiotics.
You’ll find many pros and cons regarding all forms of tre

tment but few of the many treatments that have come about over the years have given any lasting effect. Some treatments have actually been very unhealthy and dangerous for the user.

One treatment – Accutane, may cause severe birth defects and also cause depression which has led the FDA to strengthen its restrictions on its use. These new restrictions require manufacturers of Accutane and its generic versions to keep track of the doctors who prescribe the drug, and also the pharmacies that sell the drug and the patients who use it.

Because it is a high-risk drug, Accutane should be reserved for cases of “severe recalcitrant nodular acne,” according to the product’s labeling. This type of acne is resistant to standard acne treatment, including oral antibiotics, and is characterized by many nodules or cysts–inflammatory lesions filled with pus and lodged deep within the skin. These lesions can cause pain, permanent scarring, and negative psychological effects.

More common side effects of Accutane include lip inflammation and drying of the skin and mucous membranes, skin peeling on eyelids and dry nasal passages.

FDA’s experts say it’s a balancing act. The value of Accutane is clear, but when it comes to even one report of death–whether it’s suicide, miscarriage, or some other cause–FDA must make choices that will best protect the public’s health.

One alternative to lotions, medications and peels for acne is called a blue light laser which looks like a sun lamp and pointed toward the acne-infested area for a little over 15 minutes. It’s warm but not uncomfortable and the eyes are protected from the light. The treatment is used twice a week for four weeks and costs slightly over $100. The light goes through the skin to kill bacteria.

Some pointers on skin care:
Cleansing the skin once in the morning and once before bedtime is really all you need to remove the dirt and dead skin cells that may clog the pores. Washing too often will dry the skin and cause irritation.
Squeezing the pimples does more harm than good causing more inflammation, redness and also leads to scarring.
When buying products such as cleansers, moisturizers, make-up, etc., make a habit of reading the labels and look for “oil free” or “non-comedogenic” on those you buy.

As you’ve probably experienced before…the sun is very good at drying up acne for a short time but it doesn’t last and will definitely lead to wrinkles. Make sure you have at least a 30 SPF sunscreen when in the sun
Although food does not cause acne, it’s still a good idea to maintain a proper diet to give your skin all the nutrients that it needs to help maintain its healthy glow.

Fresh vegetables and fruits are a must along with complex carbohydrates such as whole grains and rice. And the old standby of drinking at least 8 glasses of water a day will keep the skin hydrated. A good way to get all the fruits and vegetables you need is to buy a really good juicer and drink several glasses a day.

A good probiotic multivitamin and antioxidants such as Green Tea will go a long way to keeping your skin healthy looking.

In order to completely eliminate acne there is still considerable knowledge yet unknown about the skin and what goes on underneath.

But one thing you can be sure of…many phases of research on the skin and its problems are going on all the time and will eventually lead to a more effective treatment and possibly a complete cure.
You have permission to publish this article electronically or in print, free of charge, as long as it is printed as is and the bylines are included. URL’s must appear as hyperlinks. A courtesy copy of your publication would be appreciated.

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